As a current renter, you may be wondering if it is really worth buying a home instead of continuing to rent. Although buying a home is a major commitment, and might possibly be the biggest purchase you ever make, there are more added benefits of homeownership over renting.

Jeffrey Beattie with Alliance Mortgage Group is your local Centennial mortgage lender, and has listed below the top 5 benefits of buying a home over renting one.

1. Artistic Freedom:

Have you ever wanted to renovate your home, or paint the walls a different color, but couldn’t because your landlord would not allow it, or would charge you a fee for the alterations? Well if you own a home, then you have complete artistic freedom to change, fix, and decorate your home any way you would like. You will not have to receive permission from anyone. It’s your house, your rules!

2. Privacy:

Renting a home gives you less privacy because of the mandatory check-ups your landlord makes either once or twice a year. Also, if there is an issue, they will schedule the maintenance repairs when it is most convenient for them, and not you. If you are a homeowner, you will not have to be checked-up on regularly, and can schedule your maintenance visits whenever you like.

3. Tax Deductions:

The money you pay every month towards your rent has no added benefits, and you will never see that money again. By owning a home, you can deduct your Centennial mortgage interest and your property tax payments from your federal taxable income. This could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

4. Home Equity

Equity if the difference between your home’s value and your loan balance. So every time you pay towards your mortgage, you are building your home’s equity. This money can be used to pay for anything you’d like, such as: more real estate, home improvements, education, pay off debt, or for travel.

5. Stable Payments:

If you obtain a fixed rate mortgage, you will have stable payments that will never change throughout the duration of your loan period. If you rent, your landlord has the right to change your monthly payment, annually. This not only means you could end up paying more money every year, but it also makes it more difficult for you to accurately budget.

For more information on why buying a home is more beneficial then renting, or to get started on your application today, please contact your Centennial Mortgage lender. Jeffrey Beattie with Alliance Mortgage Group would love to work with you and help finance your dream home. So don’t wait, get started today by calling 720-598-0506.

Yes! We would definitely use this team again any time. The entire team was extremely helpful in every aspect an step. Jeff and his team was always available to answer any questions. Checking and double checking our documents and crunching numbers within record times during the actual looking stages of a home to find the right one. This team didn't stop till we signed our closing documents. Loved them!

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We couldn't have done it without Jeff, Anne, and Brenda. They stayed on top of everything throughout the whole process. We'd definitely recommend them!

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Absolutely loved working with Jeff and Anne. They are so knowledgeable and personable. They are available on evenings and weekends to answer all questions. My realtor was horrible and they pretty much assumed the role of realtor and mortgage broker. I have referred them to friends and will continue to do so. Amazing experience!

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Jeff Beattie and the entire Alliance Mortgage Group team were professional and responsive throughout the refi process. Special circumstances required increased attention to detail which they managed competently and built my confidence in their team. They will get my exclusive referral for anyone looking for a business with a professional and personal approach when needing to refinance.

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The team at AMG were so helpful and knowledgeable about everything we needed to make sure this refinance went smooth! Jeff and his team were there every step of the way to ensuring all my questions were answered and I was completely comfortable with the process. I wouldn't use anyone else to handle or mortgage needs.

naterein on 2016-10-01

We were purchasing a second home in the mountains and had a couple complications with the seller which turned a routine process into a difficult one. Jeff was there every step of the way with us. He and his team were so helpful and knowledgeable about everything we needed to make sure the deal went through! They also were very easy for our real estate agent to work with as well. They provided the documentation needed quickly and were extremely thorough to make sure we hit our deadlines. Without AMG Lending and their hard work our deal would not have happened. We thank Jeff and his team for going above and beyond. We wouldn't use anyone else to handle or mortgage needs and refer everyone we know looking to buy a home or refinancing.

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Jeff and his team were completely amazing! I came in needing funds, and Jeff was able to assist with my difficult situation with apparent ease. I absolutely cannot recommend him and his team enough. They were extremely friendly, kind, and efficient. Thank you!!

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My husband and I used Jeff Beattie for our refinance. We have refinanced previously and I have never seen such professional and comprehensive service. He explained the process completely from the start and kept us advised as to each step in a timely manner. Whenever we had questions, he promptly responded and made sure we understood all of the details involved and explained in fully comprehensive and comprehensible manner. The refinance was completed in a reasonable time frame and he was most courteous and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jeff.

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What an amazing group of folks. So knowledgeable, professional, awesome customer service, prompt follow up, getting the best in all services, friendly...they were top notch all the way around

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Every point of buying our home went so smoothly, without a hitch! Thank you so much for helping us buy our dream home! We would recommend Jeff to anyone!

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